Does it really make a difference?

The more that we read about the state of affairs in our country, the more we tend to lose hope. It is easy to say that every vote matters, but let’s be honest. At the end of the day, a single vote may not make the difference. Vote margins between those who win and those who lose are usually in the thousands, if not more. We keep reading story after stories which tell us that corruption is systemic, and the evil of society goes layers deep.

In short, it’s easy to lose hope.

How are the disciples of Jesus supposed to respond to such bleak realities?

If we know that our single vote does not make a big difference, is there any point in still going to vote? If we know that our letter to the editor or our post on social media against injustice does not make a big difference, do we still post it? If we know that the people who collect our garbage mix it all up, is there a point in segregating our waste? If we know that politics is all a dirty game of corruption and crime, do we just stay away from it? If we know that the world is under the rule of the prince of the darkness, is there really a point in praying for justice?

The answer to such questions lies in knowing 2 things:

  1. Who am I called to be?
  2. Who am I called to serve?

I’m called to be a good and faithful servant

The Bible calls disciples of Jesus to be good and faithful servants. (Matthew 25:21) It is interesting that the Bible does not call disciples to be good and successful servants. Throughout the Bible, we see the truth that humans are called to work, but the results are in the Lord’s hand. Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth (1 Cor 3:6). The prophets of Israel were often called to preach faithfully, even though the people of Israel would not listen to them (Ezekiel 3:7).

The question we must ask is not, “Will this work?” but rather, “Is this the right thing to do?” We are called to faithfulness.

I’m called to serve a sovereign God

Hope is what propels each of us to do things. The hope of the happily-ever-after pushes the hero of the fairy tale to fight insurmountable odds. The hope of the classless society pushes Marxists to rail against capitalism. The hope of winning the battle pushes the soldiers at any war. But once a soldier knows that there is no hope of winning, he flees the battle.

If we think that our efforts are not going to transform the world and bring about peace, we can be led to despair and give up the fight.

We must remember that our hope ultimately lies in the sovereign God we serve. It is only this hope that can help us keep going. We have a very real hope of a new earth — a renewed earth in which justice and peace will reign. But it is not just our efforts that will transform the world. Our sovereign God himself will renew the world.

Therefore, we are not driven to despair. God is sovereign, so we remain hopeful.

And our hope drives us to action. Because God is sovereign, he can use your single vote to bring about that change. Because God is sovereign, he can use your single letter to the editor to change the minds of people. Because God is sovereign, he can use our efforts of waste segregation to bring about a change in waste management in the city. Because God is sovereign, he can use our prayers to bring his shalom on earth.

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