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  • Become the architect of your own life

    The title for today’s blog post comes from a line in the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. He is speaking about the powerful effect that environment has on behaviour. In fact, Clear argues that environment is often a better predictor of behaviour than motivation. (page 86) If that is indeed the case, how do…

  • Read 15 minutes a day

    One of my favourite authors of recent times has been John Piper. In one of his books (I don’t remember which), he talks about the habit of reading. To be more specific he addresses a challenge that many people who do not habitually read face. Reading is a skill that can be developed Many people…

  • The ordinary discipline of showing up daily

    A year or so back I had watched a Matt D’Avella video where he said, “start before you think you’re ready.” Starting my blogging journey on 8 September on a random Wednesday did not seem dramatic enough. But I had procrastinated enough. I had to start writing. Today is the fourth day since then. I’m…

  • The surprising benefits of rules

    One of the interesting paradoxes in life is that having more rules actually leads to greater freedom and greater prosperity in most areas of life. Let us look at a five such areas.

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