Tag: creativity

  • The Skills of Abstraction and Specification

    Each one of us has been taught to brush our teeth at a very young age. Now we might have been taught to do so using a green brush or a blue brush (or a brush of some other colour). Today if we were given a brush of a different colour that doesn’t mean we…

  • Environments that foster creativity

    I recently started reading the book, “Flow and the Psychology of Creativity” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. One of the lines I found really interesting was this: It is easier to enhance creativity by changing conditions in the environment than by trying to make people think more creatively. This comes in the context of constantly coming across…

  • The surprising benefits of rules

    One of the interesting paradoxes in life is that having more rules actually leads to greater freedom and greater prosperity in most areas of life. Let us look at a five such areas.

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