Daily Newsings: 9th May

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For today’s Newsing, we look at two reports — firstly, the Copernicus Report has stated that this April was the warmest April at least since 1940, and secondly, Zia Haq, for the Hindustan Times, reports that the hot summer has been driving up vegetable prices.

The combination of high temperatures and low rainfall has led to the drying up of water bodies and reservoirs. Haq reports that the water level in 150 nationally important reservoirs has dropped to a low of just 28% of its total capacity. Between March 1 and March 8, the country as a whole received 16% less than normal rainfall.

Due to less water and high temperature, the yield of summer perishables such as fruits and vegetables has reduced this year. This has led to an increase in their costs. The cost of tomato increased by 62% compared to last year. The cost of potato rose by 92% compared to last year, and the cost of onion rose 67.7% compared to last year.

Adverse climate change of this nature impacts all of us. But the effects and impact is the heaviest on the most vulnerable of our population. While many of the well-to-do in society can afford to sit in air-conditioned rooms and pay for the costlier vegetables, not everyone can do so. Various workers such as the street vendors, the construction workers, and the delivery partners who home-deliver various things, often have to work under the scorching heat. Moreover, the poorest people in our cities find it increasingly harder to afford the vegetables and various food produce.

Even as we struggle with the rising heat and the rising costs, let us continue to remember the poor and the vulnerable in our prayers.

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